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Let’s face it, the entire world has changed.  We don’t know for how long, and if we’ll ever be back to what we used to call “normal” again. During this COVID 19 pandemic, these big changes have been a shock to the emotional system. Grief, sadness, anxiety, depression, fear, and panic are just some of the symptoms many of us are experiencing. Now, and for some, more than ever. Some of us have sick family members or friends or have lost loved ones. Some of us have lost income and work, or are struggling to support a spouse or kids who have suffered losses due to the virus.

Online therapy is not new, and it’s not new to our practice. 

I’ve been doing phone and video sessions for several years. Usually, it’s been a way to have a session when a client can’t make it in person. But, several clients over the years have been video or phone only. 

Online therapy works. And, it works well.

There has been research done to compare online with in-person therapy. The conclusions are promising and clear. Online therapy, for some clients and some therapists, works just as well as in-person counseling. It depends on the type of client and therapist.

Pros and Cons of In-Person Therapy vs. Online Therapy in New Jersey

Cropped image of young woman using laptop during COVID 19 at home for online counseling in New Jersey with a licensed online therapist in New Jersey for telehealth.For me, I find there to be pluses and minuses. Many of my clients seem to be more open and comfortable online. You may want to meet with me from your own home. In your own safe environment. Perhaps, wearing sweatpants and putting your feet up. The lack of formality and comfortable setting makes for a good connection.

With video therapy, I can see my clients close-up. In ways I’ve never seen them before in the office. Their facial expressions and body language are sometimes easier to see and read on-screen

And, these are also barriers for some clients. Being home can be stressful. The trip to the therapy office is sometimes a respite from the chaos at home. Online can be more of the same depending on the circumstances. The safety and sense of confidentiality of the office are less obvious in an online setting. 

What kinds of Online Therapy do we offer for New Jersey?

For individual adults who need help:

Online Couples Counseling

A word about online couples counseling. My experience has been that the same pros and cons of individual apply to couples with online therapy. I have found that the intimacy and closeness of the screen can sometimes be more intense than in the office. Which, in my opinion, is actually a good thing.
Couples also seem to have a harder time “going off the rails”. Less likely to start engaging in their usual, non-workable behavior when they’re at home talking to me. Yet, sometimes it’s the opposite. I get to see how a couple REALLY is rather than what they present in the office. So, it goes both ways. In Relational Life Therapy (RLT) we say normal is what goes on at home and healthy is what we do in the office. So is often also true in online counseling for couples.
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Common Questions About Online Therapy in New Jersey:

I know you still have questions. That’s normal. Here are some of the most common questions I get about doing video therapy. Take a look, and then let’s talk about your specific concerns.

Let’s talk about it.  If you’re not set up for the video part of video therapy to work, and would rather talk on the phone. That’s cool.  I like video better and I think it’s a stronger connection, but we’re all being flexible nowadays.

While it’s probably better if you’re in a private space if you use headphones and/or earbuds anyone in earshot will only hear you and not me.  For couples, it may make sense to dial into the video conference from separate computers or phones.

Right now, as far as I know, I can only do telehealth, online counseling, and video therapy with New Jersey residents. But, that may be changing with the times.  Stay tuned.

While in-person would seem to be the better choice, I’m actually finding that some clients seem to open up more on video than in person.  There is an intimacy with being invited into someones home, even via video, that can’t be achieved in person.  For some people that’s a little creepy, but for others it works great.  At this point it’s worth a try.

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You don’t need to do this alone. Help is available.

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Starting online counseling at my New Jersey mental health clinic is simple. You are already doing the hard part by doing the research. Now, let’s get you started.

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Other Services at Mountainside Counseling Center

Here in Mountainside, NJ, we know that you are not a one-dimensional human. That’s why we treat your mental health needs in a comprehensive, individualized way. In addition to online counseling, we provide a range of mindfulness-based therapy services for individuals and couples. One of our specialties is serving individuals recovering from addiction and the family members and loved ones who are supporting them. We also have a blog, regularly updated with relevant information for your life. We look forward to meeting you, soon.