Nicole Locorriere

When ‘I’ is replaced with ‘we,’ even ‘illness’ becomes ‘wellness.’

Nicole Locorriere, MS AMFT

Mountainside, NJ Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Hi there! My name is Nicole Locorriere. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from West Chester University of Pennsylvania, and a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Seton Hall University. Currently, I have my associate license (#37FA00014700) in New Jersey, which is where I was born and raised.

Background and Experience

At WCUPA, I also minored in creative writing, which may seem like an odd pairing, but it actually ended up to work well with one of the styles of therapy I do, called Narrative Therapy. Narrative uses a beautiful metaphor of writing and editing the stories of clients’ lives to foster change. In college I also participated in several research projects, my favorite being when I worked in a Head Start preschool in Philadelphia to learn whether arts programs help underprivileged little ones perform at the same level as their wealthier peers. (Spoiler alert: they do!) I was also the president of the psychology club, and a member of the psychology honors fraternity, Psi Chi. I even volunteered as one of those backwards-walking tour guides!

At Seton Hall, I found my hopelessly curious self again entangled in research, this time on how dating apps are affecting modern mating. I was also the Vice President of the Marriage and Family Therapy Student Association (MFTSA), and an intern at The Family Center in Verona, NJ.

When I’m not in the therapy office, you can find me updating my therapy blog and Instagram page. I love connecting with others who fiercely advocate for accessible mental health care. I also enjoy spending time cultivating my own committed relationship. My boyfriend and I love exploring shops, restaurants and galleries out in Lambertville and New Hope.