3 Popular Marriage Counseling Techniques


For many people, going to couples’ therapy and realizing its benefits firsthand is satisfying enough. Others, however, are interested in learning the why behind counseling, including why and how certain [...]

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Here’s a crazy idea-how about talking to each other as a way to get started.


In my work with couples a lot of people ask questions like “How can you do that kind of work?-sitting there while couples yell at each other, I couldn’t take [...]

Here’s a crazy idea-how about talking to each other as a way to get started.2019-03-29T17:48:18+00:00

You Don’t Have To Solve Your Problems.


Research shows that almost 2/3 of marital issues are unsolvable. At the Gottman Institute We call these perpetual problems. Psychologist Dan Wile says, "When choosing a long-term partner, you will [...]

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Contempt: Gottman’s Four Horsemen Article


Contempt: Contempt is the most detrimental of the four horsemen to a relationship.  In Gottman language we talk about “negative sentiment override”, which means that there is a time when [...]

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