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3 Popular Marriage Counseling Techniques


For many people, going to couples’ therapy and realizing its benefits firsthand is satisfying enough. Others, however, are interested in learning the why behind counseling, including why and how certain [...]

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What is Psychotherapy & What Can You Expect from It? 


Psychotherapy may sound daunting and vague to anyone who’s never worked with a therapist before. Yet, it simply refers to treatment which uses personal interactions to help a person overcome problems, achieve [...]

What is Psychotherapy & What Can You Expect from It? 2019-08-26T18:03:12+00:00

5 Tips for Opening Up to Your Therapist 


For some individuals, opening up to a therapist comes naturally and with ease. For others, and especially those with social anxiety, talking about oneself is daunting—even when a person knows it’s [...]

5 Tips for Opening Up to Your Therapist 2019-08-26T18:01:40+00:00