A Beginner’s Guide to Relationship Therapy 

Altering How the Relationship is Understood Your therapist can help you identify and  break the blame cycle; look at your relationship through a more objective lens. They do this by learning about your stressors or [...]

7 Benefits of Marriage Counseling

Marriage isn’t easy, even for the most compatible individuals. Over the course of a long-term relationship, countless changes take place, and each partner’s needs may evolve as a result. While maintaining a marriage takes a [...]

5 Signs You Need Couples’ Therapy

For many individuals, the decision to go to couples’ therapy may signal defeat. But in reality, the earlier you decide to go, the better the odds are that your relationship can make it. According to [...]

What is Psychotherapy & What Can You Expect from It? 

Psychotherapy may sound daunting and vague to anyone who’s never worked with a therapist before. Yet, it simply refers to treatment which uses personal interactions to help a person overcome problems, achieve goals, or generally get them [...]

5 Tips for Opening Up to Your Therapist 

For some individuals, opening up to a therapist comes naturally and with ease. For others, and especially those with social anxiety, talking about oneself is daunting—even when a person knows it’s in their best interest to [...]

What to Do When Money Becomes a Marriage Issue

Taking a Closer Look: Your Fights Probably Aren’t Just About Money Some couples may struggle to pay the bills, while others may have no apparent financial problems whatsoever. Many fall somewhere in between. Yet, no [...]

Why Arguing is Actually Healthy in Relationships  

While arguing on a daily basis isn’t exactly an indicator of a strong relationship, there’s one issue which is even more dangerous for couples: ongoing silence. Although disagreements are rarely fun, they’re almost always necessary. After [...]

Managing Conflict in Your Relationship

All relationships have conflict.  Managing conflict is not easy.  You might find yourself lost, looking everywhere for answers and solutions,  but you just come up with empty handed and are even more lost and confused. [...]

How to Repair Your Relationship

Each year, more than two million marriages come to an end via divorce. The average marriage is in trouble for at least 7 years before the couple seeks  help.  Couples end up in crisis situations, [...]

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The goal of conflict

Generally, people think the goal of conflict is winning. Sometimes in life it is.  But in a marriage, that's another losing strategy. If you're winning an conflict, then your partner is losing, and that's a [...]

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Ask for what you want

Asking for what you want, rather than telling your partner what they did wrong, or about what you don't want, is a winning strategy. A common mistake couples make is they don't take time to [...]