• Seaking couples therapy

What to Look for When Seeking Couples’ Therapy

 NJ residents are fortunate to have a range of counselors throughout the state who specializes in relationship issues. Yet, when you’re putting something as important as your marriage in the hands of someone else, it’s [...]

  • Troubled Relations

The Common Patterns in Troubled Relationships

Couples face conflict for all sorts of reasons, and no two relationships are exactly alike. With that being said, there are some commonalities among most troubled relationships. These patterns and habits don’t relate to specific [...]

  • Relationship Worth Saving

Is Your Relationship Worth Saving?

Whether a recent event has rocked the foundation of your relationship or you feel disconnected from your loved one over time, you may be questioning whether the partnership is even worth saving. On the one [...]

  • counseling techniques

3 Popular Marriage Counseling Techniques

For many people, going to couples’ therapy and realizing its benefits firsthand is satisfying enough. Others, however, are interested in learning the why behind counseling, including why and how certain methods work. If you’re considering [...]

A Beginner’s Guide to Relationship Therapy 

Altering How the Relationship is Understood Your therapist can help you identify and  break the blame cycle; look at your relationship through a more objective lens. They do this by learning about your stressors or [...]

7 Benefits of Marriage Counseling

Marriage isn’t easy, even for the most compatible individuals. Over the course of a long-term relationship, countless changes take place, and each partner’s needs may evolve as a result. While maintaining a marriage takes a [...]

5 Signs You Need Couples’ Therapy

For many individuals, the decision to go to couples’ therapy may signal defeat. But in reality, the earlier you decide to go, the better the odds are that your relationship can make it. According to [...]

What is Psychotherapy & What Can You Expect from It? 

Psychotherapy may sound daunting and vague to anyone who’s never worked with a therapist before. Yet, it simply refers to treatment which uses personal interactions to help a person overcome problems, achieve goals, or generally get them [...]

5 Tips for Opening Up to Your Therapist 

For some individuals, opening up to a therapist comes naturally and with ease. For others, and especially those with social anxiety, talking about oneself is daunting—even when a person knows it’s in their best interest to [...]