issues couples’ therapy can fix

Communication Problems

Communication issues are at the foundation of most couples’ challenges, so it’s no surprise that counselors are particularly helpful for tackling these struggles. They can guide you in developing strong, effective strategies for listening and communicating. 

Lifestyle Changes

New parenthood, work transitions, loss, addiction, relocations and other major lifestyle changes can take their toll on partnerships. Going to therapy before these issues escalate can help you work through them in ways that are conducive to everyone’s mental and emotional health. 

Feeling Out of Sync

If you feel as if you’re simply growing apart, counseling could be the antidote to get you back on track. By pinpointing underlying issues and offering suggestions for reconnecting, counselors often help couples grow closer. 


While it’s true that not every couple can recover from an affair, counseling is the best place to work through trust issues, jealousy, and the general aftermath of infidelity. Therapy can also be beneficial for reframing expectations about how best to move forward and heal. 

Remarriage & Blended Families

Remarriage after divorce and blended families come with their own unique challenges. Counselors can help you make a smoother transition into life with a new partner and any children who may be involved. 

Larger Family Issues 

Issues with in-laws can gradually erode a relationship if they’re not addressed. From deciding how much time to spend with families of origin to navigating challenging parent or sibling relationships, counseling can guide you through complex family circumstances while keeping your own relationship strong. Couples’ counseling is also effective for working through parenting issues with your partner when you’re having difficulty getting – and staying – on the same page. 


Intimacy doesn’t only refer to what happens in the bedroom, though that is a major component of feeling close to your loved one. If you or your partner is feeling like there could be intimacy problems in your relationship, a counselor’s office is a safe space to discuss them. While these issues may be challenging to address at first, there’s no need to be embarrassed about any completely natural aspects of a partnership in this judgment-free zone. 

If you think your relationship could benefit from couples’ therapy, reach out to Chuck Beardsley, LCSW. Located in Mountainside, NJ, this experienced relationship counselor welcomes couples who are seeking help to overcome relationship challenges. He’ll help you develop practical strategies to reconnect and work through differences in a constructive and loving way. Learn more about his approach to helping couples here or call (908) 274-3189 to schedule an appointment.