10 Percent Happier

contemplative psychotherapyAs a contemplative therapist, I utilize a combination of traditional psychotherapy techniques, buddhist psychology and meditation.  Mindfulness meditation, compassion training and self compassion cultivation are some examples of the methods I use.

Clients often ask how to get started on meditation, and I’ve been suggesting the book 10% happier by whats Dan Harris.  I saw him speak at the Nalanda Instutue year end fund raising dinner several years ago.  I admit I was skeptical, as I thought of myself as a very learned and experienced meditator.  What,  I asked myself, would I learn from this guy?

For starters, he’s a great speaker.  He had me right away with his self-deprecating humor, cursing, and general like ability.  That hooked me right away.  Then he was able to speak in a very accessible way about mediation, and the practical results that he found for himself in meditation.  So Actually, I didn’t learn anything.  Like in meditation itself, I had an experience with him.

And I’ve read a lot of books about meditation, so I was pretty sceptical, even after liking him, that I would like his book.  But his book is just a great, well written version of him and his talk.  It’s funny, insightful, and a great read, easy read on the process of using meditation to combat anxiety, stress, panic attacks and, as he found out, to become at least 10% happier.

He has a podcast.

10% Happier with Dan Harris by ABC News on iTunes


He has a blog.

Mindfulness Meditation: The Basics — 10% Happier

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