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If you’re in an difficult relationship:

You might believe it’s your partner’s fault – that you don’t really need to get help, but the feelings of desperation have you seeking relief.  If you could only force your partner or family member to seek help – but how? You also may feel hopeless to help them-while people accuse you of enabling them.

More About How I Work With COUPLES
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If you have an addict in your life:

You may see clearly that they need help – want them to get help-but feel powerless to force them to get the help they need.  You want to feel less anxious and sad about your life and your relationships. You may have the idea that you can’t do certain things in your life, enjoy your life, until your loved one gets better.

More About How I Work With Family Members

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If you feel lost or
unhappy in your life:

You may not know exactly what makes you happy.  Most people are happiest when they live their lives according to the values they find important.  I can help you define these values, and look for ways to work toward living them.

More About How I Work With Individuals

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If you’re in recovery, or have just successfully completed addiction or alcoholism treatment:

You may be baffled about what your life will be like now, and overwhelmed when you consider the work ahead of you.  You may have been in recovery before, and are looking for a deeper connection to the sober life you’d like to lead.

How I Work With People in Recovery

Change is possible. Psychotherapy really works.

 That’s not a sales pitch, that’s just my personal experience.

Therapy enables people to find meaning and richness in their lives in spite of the barriers to their happiness that we all experience.

Sometimes people come to therapy in the hopes of changing someone else's behavior.
That’s not really possible-but therapy helps people obtain the life they want whether other people change or not.


  • who feel stuck
  • who are worried that they’ll never feel better again
  • who think they’re incapable of happiness at this point in their lives
  • Who feel lost
  • who are in relationships with addicts
  • who are in recovery and want support to stay sober


  • Hope
  • Connection
  • Safety
  • Acceptance
  • Relaxation
  • Validation
  • Understanding
  • Motivation
  • Fresh engagement in life

I will develop a gameplan, with your guidance,
to help you feel better.

Many of my clients feel powerless and desperate when they arrive and say things like “I have tried everything”.Or “I’ve been in therapy before, and it didn’t work.”   It’s my job to help move them to a place of curiosity, flexibility, hope, and open-mindedness.



  • Possibilities
  • Opportunities
  • What makes you happy
  • What makes you feel loved and appreciated
  • How to feel safe and secure in your relationships
  • How to ask for what you want-and decide what is acceptable and what is not.


You don’t need to do this alone. Help is available.

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